Modernizr Performance Tests: Custom builds highly recommended!

I just conducted some simple tests to see how long it takes to execute the ubiquitous Modernizr Javascript code:

In Short: Use a custom Modernizr build to avoid performance drawbacks on old hardware, smartphones and tablets.
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Automatically adjust Iframe height to fit Iframe content

Some time ago a wrote two tiny scripts to solve the problem of automatically sizing cross-domain Iframes to fit their content’s height. As it turned out that was a feature that many of my colleagues needed, too. After sending the scripts around a couple of times, I decided to setup a GitHub repo for everyone who might be interested:


Please note that this solution only works if you are able to include a tiny script within the iframe’s html code.
As the script can be loaded asynchronously and as it is hosted on a public CDN, this should be very easy.

HTTP/2: 5 deprecated performance “optimizations”

IMHO every professional website should support HTTP/2 or the SPDY protocol, because …

In this post I want to talk about deprecated performance “optimizations” which actually may hurt your HTTP/2 web page performance and definitely hurt your development performance.

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